Human beings can do without many things, but sleep is not one of them. Without resting our bodies cannot function as they are meant to, working together as a single wholesome unit. In the times that we live in, many of the conditions that people are suffering from stem from lack of enough sleep.Due to the harsh economic times, many have gotten into overdrive, working long hours trying to make ends meet, leaving very little time to rest and sleep. And given that it is during the time you are asleep that your body, inclusive of the brain carries out most of the essential bodily functions, the body shuts down as the brain experiences a lockdown.So to put it succinctly, we just cannot survive without sleep. Now for many of use, it is very unfortunate as these pillows do not have a one size fits all sleeping needs. Therefore if you are set on making a side sleeper purchase, things can get confusing pretty fast, with the very many types of side sleepers that technology has made available. Buying the word side sleeper puts you at a risk of experiencing migraines, sneezing, neck and shoulder pain, arm numbness and general discomfort. You should consider the sleeping position that you take while you sleep and how you sleep before you make a decision. In this article, in a bid to help make your purchasing process easier, we will help you in choosing the best pillow for side sleepers. Awesome right?

Side Sleeper Pillow Types


Memory_Foam_PillowThe contour shape that they feature is what makes them so popular as pillows that can be used with side sleepers. They provide the much-needed support to the shoulders, neck, and head to those who have formed a habit of sleeping on their side. As the name suggests, the pillow has memory, to mean that after being use over-night, they have the ability to regain their initial shape, in preparation for the next sleeping session. Memory foams will serve you for a very long time before you think about replacing it. On average, memory foams can last for up to two years. Courtesy of its contour feature, it is able to support the neck and the head as well as adjust accordingly to the body’s weight and temperature, thereby increasing the level of comfort. 

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Feathered Filled PillowsThis will provide you with a great support that is firm and perfect for side sleeping. And given the fact that it is full of natural materials the comfort that you will get from this is far better in comparison to other types of pillows. It supports the head best providing and increasing the blood circulation to the face, ensuring that it does not get squashed. It also helps in getting rid of the pressure points. It is for this reasons that experts consider it to be the best side pillow there is.

However, note that while it is considered to be the most comfortable, it tends to lose its shape after several months. With constant use, it tends to collapse under the weight of your head. When you are making a purchase, it will be said that the pillow has an average lifespan of about two years. This is however in an ideal situation in which it is not used constantly. With constant use, you should expect it to deteriorate in quality.


Buckwheat PillowsAs you might have gotten from their name, these pillows are filled with natural material – buckwheat. The fact that they are full of buckwheat proves that they are firm, providing extra support without the downside of collapsing under your weight.

If you are one of those people who are bothered by the increase in heat on your pillow as you lay on it, this pillow will prove to be a good choice as it does not store the heat. It maintains a temperature that is perfect for sleep. They are however unusually heavy. A single pillow can weigh up to an astounding 5 pounds. This is by far much denser than the other pillow types.


45This is the pillow type that has in the recent times gained popularity the most. As opposed to the feather filled and traditional down filled pillows, it provide great support for the neck as well as the head. It is a modern pillow and as such you expect modern technology to have a hand in its creation and design. As is typical with technology, it has improved and enhanced the capabilities of this pillow. It does not allow the head to slump while you sleep and has an overall great resistance. This is the major reason as to why many consider it to be the best. With the latex pillows, you can wave bye-bye to shoulder and neck strains.

There is one consideration however that you should always have in mind when purchasing the latex pillows – price. Given the fact that the feature the latest pillow technology, their price are off the roof and are by the day going even higher. As such, not many can afford them. People, with the current financial and economic climate are wary of how much they spend and the things they spend their money on. It makes practical sense to get a pillow that within your price range. However, regardless of the high price, you can rest assured that they are durable, lasting for a very long time, thereby being a worthy investment.

The Top 10 Best Pillows For Side Sleepers Reviews

A pillow is one of the most crucial bedding accessories for addressing sleepless nights, painful shoulders, paining neck, and stiff neck. For side sleepers, the pillow is even more critical because the pillow needs to raise the head and keep it straight in line with the spine. The following are The Top 10 Best Pillows For Side Sleepers Reviews to help you pick the best and make every night more satisfying.

Update : March 1, 2016


Snuggle-Pedic Bamboo Shredded

Snuggle-Pedic Bamboo Shredded

This shredded memory foam mattress has been ranked as one of the top 10 best pillows for side sleepers because of the designer’s continued focus on quality. The shredded memory foam is fitted so well on the casing so that the pillow will never go flat. No matter the pressure you apply from the shoulders or the head, the pillow will only get depressed to allow the neck get appropriate alignment with the spine for a smooth and comfortable sleep.

Using natural materials on pillows and beddings has been proven to provide extra soothing and comfort to people. This is the reality that users of this pillow get when they use it every day. A careful selection of bamboo, lycra and polyester makes the pillow provide luxurious comfort. This is the reason that has made the pillow to be a top pick for most luxurious hotels that you can think of.  But now you know; get his pillow and enjoy similar comfort and thrill right in your bedroom.

When you side sleep, the pillow gets depressed to the point that neck and spine are in linear conformity. Therefore, like the neck, part of the shoulders and head get into contact with the pillow, the cover materials, and shredded foam provides ample breathability. This is important for skin nourishment, growth, and strength the entire night. Because of this unique quality, even people who want to take longer sleeping like pregnant mothers find the pillow truly enthralling.

The design of the pillow targeted giving the user extra strength and longer lifespan. The shredded memory foam will not lose its density easily for the entire period of use. This coupled with unique pillow cover and high-quality stitches guarantees you of optimal comfort every day. It is because of this that the pillow comes with a long warranty of up to 20 years.

If you suffer from back and neck pain, well, this is the pillow that will help you with a double score. The unique design makes it easy for the pillow to comfort to your shape of the neck and head. This guarantees extra relief from pressure on the bones that join the neck to your head. After using it for a couple of days, the sharp pain that had become common every night will get over soon. Indeed, you can use this capability to self-treat neck pain. Before you set out for medical assistance about the aching neck, back, or migraine, it is advisable to try this unique piece.

This pillow is exceptionally versatile. While it is ideal for side sleepers, the designer appreciated the fact that many are those who love trying new positions. If you think trying to sleep on the backside, or on the stomach, the pillow will be equally effective. Simply adjust it to take a comfortable position and enjoy your night. This characteristic is particularly important for pregnant mothers who at times want to change the position to keep the unborn baby comfort. Well, consider having two of these pillows; one to support your head while the other is positioned at the point you and the baby feel relaxed. 

What does a house owner look for in a bedding item? Comfort, relief from pain and total support are the main reasons for pillows. For this piece, the designer went a little further in ensuring that users can have their bedroom changed into an expensive unit that is more attractive and sexy. No matter your age, the brightness of the pillow will complement your spotless clean bed covers to make your time with a spouse more enjoyable and ecstatic. You need to pick this piece and within the 90 days trial period, the bedroom life will change completely. 

The natural bamboo fibers, polyester, and lycra are carefully manufactured to with US standards to ensure they do not have side effects. They are mixed in recommended proportions so that clients can have a guarantee of extra safety and comfort. More importantly is the fact that the designer keeps improving every bedding item so that clients can get the assurance of better quality and value for money at all times. Pick this pillow for your bedroom and rest assured that it is a priceless addition that will guarantee you utmost value for money.


Buckwheat pillow

Buckwheat pillow

The buckwheat pillow is designed to deliver a natural feeling, softer touch, and unique comfort to the user. The designer released this model to the market after many years of research looking for a piece that could help people with neck pain. Instead of using foam, the pillow has specially processed husks that give it an extra firm appearance and subtle resistance to pressure. Unlike other pillows, the thousands of husks stashed inside to allow the neck, ears, nose, and other parts to make the right depression for total comfort. 

This pillow does not feature any chemical because all the ingredients are sourced from natural materials. Whether your skin is extra sensitive to allergens or synthetic materials, this pillow is the best option for you. The natural outlook allows you to sleep for a longer period without getting fatigued. If you have some extra time to sleep over the weekend or during the holiday, you need to grab this pillow and fit it under your head because even that neck pain will soon ebb out.

The husks, unlike foam or feathers, do not get depressed completely and every person can be assured of solid support the entire night. The pillow cover is finished with a zip that encases the content so that you can select the preferred stiffness. This characteristic has been cited as a major plus for people with neck pain, back pain, or shoulder issues. Orthopaedics recommends this pillow because once you select a position you can enjoy it the entire night without becoming flat. It is used as a remedy and preventative piece. If you suffer from neck pain, you simply get the pillow and make it a must use every night. For people without issues in their neck or back, this pillow is a must have to prevent such problems.

When you set out looking for a pillow, pick a piece that will last or many years to give you extra value for money. The Buckwheat pillow is made in such a way that once you pick the piece, it can last for very many years giving you ecstasy just like the when it was new. The natural husks are stronger than the synthetic type while the covers are made with multiple layers to deliver extra strength. It is because of this strength that the designer provides longer warranties to all buyers. In fact, you can even test the pillow and return it after 60 days for hustle free money back if unsatisfied.

Till grown wheat husks when stuffed together to form a pillow create ample air spaces to give it and the user extra breathability. The extra breathability allows the skin to remain fresh and make your sleep enjoyable. Even if you are sleeping on a relatively warm night, be sure of getting extra coolness. To enjoy better sleep with the pillow, users are advised to lower the temperatures of their bedrooms and adjust the pillow pressure to their preferred level.

Buckwheat has won the hearts of many parents who have children with high sensitivity. Because of the careful selection of materials, little children, young kids, elderly and people recovering from sicknesses find this pillow irresistible. The soft outlook and soothing cover make the pillow a better selection for pregnant mothers who want total support under the head and even belly. Because the pillows are designed in varying sizes, you may need to place the smaller one on the belly to support the growing kid and the larger one on the neck for support to the head, shoulders and neck. 

Buying this pillow is like taking the designer to your home. The piece is a unique model that designers do not want to fade with pick up from the store.  Once you buy the pillow, the designer wants you to feel the comfort and get back with a positive story. Your part becomes part of the leverage to improve on quality and guarantee later users of better value. Check this piece and pick it or your spouse, children, friends or even send it as a special gift for a recovering patient. No matter what a client is looking for from a pillow, be sure to get from this unique piece.


Shredded with viscose rayon cover

Shredded with viscose rayon cover

This pillow has held one of the highest ratings for a long time because of the designer’s focus on quality. It is ideal for people who sleep on their sides and those suffering from apnea and neck pain. Its strength and firmness create extra support that is necessary for side sleepers. This has made it a top recommendation for people who sleep on their sides or suffer from neck pain.

The pillow is designed from bamboo (40%) and polyester (60%) that guarantees the user unique softness. As you lie on the pillow, the bamboo derived material makes it very natural and soothes the skin. Just like you experience in a high-class hotel, this pillow brings the same experience to the bedroom. On a weekend, you are sure of enjoying that extra hour sleeping so much. 

The Shredded memory foam pillow with viscose rayon cover makes it easy for the skin to get fresh air, feel relaxed and guarantee you special night every day. As opposed to holding unto sweat from the neck and shoulders, the circulating air takes it away and draws fresher air. This makes it possible to enjoy a cool night free of extra heat and odor. Even if you have a very sensitive skin, this is one pillow you can trust to change your nights to unique thrills.

As a shredded memory foam pillow, it provides extra firmness that is necessary for better head alignment with the shoulders, spine, and neck. Through repeated testing and continued improvement, the designed shifted from a single foam filled pillow to a unique layered outlook for total firmness. Therefore, even people who are very heavy are sure of total support through out the night because it will never flatten.

To guarantee clients of top quality results, the manufacturer provides a long warranty of up to 5 years for this pillow. From the shredded foam to the viscous rayon cover and side stitches, nothing is left to chance when making this priceless piece. You are even allowed to take the pillow and test it for a period of 30 days and return to the seller for full refund if unsatisfied. The designer does not want you to simply go as he makes lots money, but to be part of your lifestyle by ensuring every night is better and enjoyable.

Unlike other pillows that are very difficult to maintain, user finds this pillow special. The cover does not attract dirt and dust so that will not need to wash it for many times. Even if you use the pillow outdoors, you will need to wash it less often compared to others. Because it is machine washable, you can wash and dry it in a short period of time. Remember that it is covered by a warrant and all you need to do in case of unexpected damage is notifying the manufacturer.

If you are remodeling the bedroom, this pillow will never disappoint. Its bright cover and firm shape matches well with all your beddings and other installation. If your bedroom is full of brightly colored installations, this is the best pillow for you. However, for others with patterned curtains, golden and brown cabinets, the pillow adds a sense of diversity to their bedroom. You install this pillow in the bedroom, and you have the assurance of complete sense of style every moment you step inside.

To ensure you enjoy optimal value for money, this pillow is sold at a highly competitive price. Through comparing it with others might make the Shredded memory foam pillow with viscose rayon cover look a little pricy, the unique design, top materials, and quality emphasis makes it worth. Remember that even with the price and all the focus on quality, the designer extends focus with a long warranty so that you every night can be a thrill with no worries. 

Because of the natural bamboo fibers, the pillow has a unique smell when new. Though some people like the smell, others do not. Simply wait for a couple of days and you will like it. You might also consider enhancing it with your preferred spray or incense. Getting this pillow is no doubt a unique addition to your bedroom and an asset to enjoy for a long time.


Shredded With stay Cool Bamboo cover

Shredded With stay Cool Bamboo cover

The dream of every pillow lover is getting pieces that guarantee total comfort, complete support, and value for money. This is the approach that Good Life took when designing this timeless piece. Its design indicates the depth that the manufacturer had to go to in making the piece irresistible.

First, the design is unique and material selection done with extra caution. The shredded memory foam guarantees total support to your neck, head, and shoulders for a cool night that you can always anticipate. More air is able to pass and keep the head and neck cooler and comfortable. As this air passes through, it carries away all the perspiration so that the pillow does not trap bad odors that can compromise your sleep. This is a demonstration of success after many years of testing in taking away all stress and neck pain that might have resulted from hard work or injuries.

When the pillow is placed under the head, you can be sure of getting total resilience and strength. No matter your weight, the stay-cool bamboo cover is strong enough and holds all the foam in position to guarantee you complete support the entire night. You will only depress it to the point of personal comfort and neck alignment with the spine. Besides, even if you turn or change position, the pillow has prompt resilience to give support to your new position. Whether the pillow is used in the parents, children, or guests’ bedroom, the results will be total comfort and enjoyment.

There is nothing as satisfying as buying a product that help you advance environmental conservation and development. The natural bamboo is derived from the environment while the synthetic foam does not have O-zone depleters or volatile organic compounds. Every minute you sleep on the pillow advances connection to nature, promotes better health and lengthens your lifespan. This is the core reason that orthopedics are increasingly recommending the pillow to their clients. If you want kids to live free of neck pain and back problems, pick these pillows and ensure they sleep on them every night.

The main goal that guided Good Life when creating this piece was giving clients total safety and ease of use whether I their bedroom, on the couch, or even outdoors. The pillow does not contain elements that can harm the user such as formaldehyde, mercury, or heavy metals. Therefore, whether the user intends to utilize the pillow for a very long period of time or just a couple of weeks, he/she can be assured of total safety. You can enjoy the sleep during the night, relax on the pillow during the day and still feel fresh and highly satisfied. Even for recovering people or pregnant mothers who need many months relaxing on the bed or couch, this pillow is a priceless piece.   

If you want the bedroom to be more attractive and sexy, this is the ultimate pillow. Couples and restaurant décor professionals should pick this pillow because its size matches well with standard beds and comes with bright colors that make the room stylish. Pick a few and throw them into your bed to get a special thrill for you and your partner. If you are trying to remodel the bedroom or guest house, using this pillow will guarantee you high diversity and sense of style.

The pillow is sold at a competitive price to ensure that everybody can afford it for every bedroom at home or guesthouse. Best Life is interested in making every person’s sleep ecstatic through full time support, easy return policy, hustle free money back, and total connection. They stop at nothing in making sleep for people with back pain, neck pain, or others looking for special nights.

This pillow is one of the easiest to maintain. The seller attaches a long warranty because the pillow is of top quality and assures you that it will not get damaged even if you wash it regularly. The cover does not attract dirt, and you will find it clean and fresh to use for a long time before requiring cleaning it. Take time to test this great piece within the return period and you can be sure to enjoy every minute of it. 


Sleep Joy Visco Fresh Memory Foam Advanced Contour

Sleep Joy Visco Fresh Memory Foam Advanced Contour

Side sleepers, unlike back sleepers, require extra support along the head to keep the chin, neck, and spine in position. While this position is no doubt treasured by many, not so many pillows can provide the extra anchorage that is required. It is from this reality that Sleep Joy went to extra length in designing this contoured pillow to guarantee side sleepers support and comfort the entire night. The pillow features a special neck bolster side that makes the pillow cramp the neck well and sooth all the neck muscles for uneventful night. 

Visco Fresh Memory Foam Advanced Contour pillow is made with pretested polyester to deliver extra softness and firmness to the user. This serves two main purposes that make the pillow an ideal piece for people seeking high value for money. One, polyester is very strong and, therefore, guarantees the user of extra longevity. Once you get the pillow, be sure of enjoying the same great thrill for very many years. Two, the pillow is extra soft to the skin. Though synthetic materials are known to be rough and cause sensitivity, polyester in this case has been processed to give the user all the softness required for an ecstatic night.

Every moment that you get into the bed, a cool and enjoyable night can only be achieved if there is adequate supply of fresh air to all parts of the head, neck, and shoulders. For side sleepers, this requirement is even more crucial. The neck cradle of this pillow holds the chin in position which is very crucial for free breathing. Besides, it allows extra air to pass through easily for extra cooling and clearance of sweat.

By including green tea in this pillow, Sleep Joy made it easy for users to get the lovely aroma right in their bedrooms. This is very soothing, and you will fall asleep almost immediately after getting to bed. Besides, the green tea clears away any bad smell that might be caused by polyester or sweat accumulation. This makes the pillow ideal for all side sleepers whether young or old. For those who do not fancy the aroma of green tea, using a fragrance of choice will make the pillow more appealing.

To make maintenance easy and fun, the pillow’s outer cover has a zip to make it easy to dismember the different parts. Since only the outer cover gets into contact with the bedroom environment and the user, you do not need to wash the inner section regularly. Simply unzip the outer part and wash in a machine to clear all the dirt. This helps to keep the pillow clean and appealing without compromising its effectiveness.

Side sleepers find this pillow a lovely departure from the norm because of its unique shape.  The neck cradle makes the bed to look unique and attractive. Besides, the checked outlook or brightly coloured design will match well with other bedroom installations. If they are used in the children’s room, they will arouse extra attention and sooth them to sleep within no time of getting to bed. While many people prefer this type of pillow, others indicate they must have it to help in changing the mood of the bedroom.

A large pillow is always ideal for complete support of the head, shoulders and neck. Though some people who want to throw a number of pillows on the bed for style might prefer other models, side sleepers and people with neck pain find the pillow irresistible. Besides, people who want to sleep on the couch or on the floor also enjoy the pillow because its large surface area allows them to relax more comfortably.

Getting a pillow that comes with long warranty is a demonstration of how committed the designer was to quality. Sleep Joy demonstrated its total commitment to quality and extra attachment to clients by drawing closer to them. You take the pillow and the designer allows you to try it for complete assurance that it has the qualities being sought. If unsatisfied, the seller allows you to return and get full refund. If satisfied, the designer walks with you all along because it has a long warranty. For a side sleeper, this is a pillow that will change the sleep and entirely redefine personal lifestyle.


Mediflow original waterbase pillow

Mediflow original waterbase pillow

Technology used to make pillows has advanced so much, and designers are willing to go to great lengths in giving their customers highest value for money. For top designers such as Mediflow, every pillow is designed to guarantee relief from back pain, neck pain and assure them of total satisfaction. Think of that relaxation feeling that you get when floating on a heated plunge bath; it is the same you will get hen sleeping on this pillow.

The pillow comprises of three layers that guarantee extra strength and comfort. The inner layer is made of a water chamber full of water to give you the lovely comfort you are seeking. The second layer is made of a light layer of foam to provide extra softness and compactness. As you lie on the pillow, the shape of your head, shoulder, and neck displaces the water so that the body takes the perfect shape throughout the night or sleeping session. Remember that unlike the foam that loses density with time, the comfort of this pillow will never fade. 

Ease of maintenance and longer lifespan. This pillow is one of the few pieces on the market that guarantee the user of extra long lifespan. Because it is mainly designed from water, you do not have to worry about loss of density. All you need to do is changing the water by draining that on the pillow and replacing it. In fact, you can even change the water on a daily basis if you want. Once you empty the water, the pillow is machine washable so that you can finish cleaning it fast and return it to the bedroom for that amazing outlook.

Medical experts recommend that people should sleep in cool environments, preferably about 65 degrees F. While other pillows simply provide support, the Mediflow original waterbase pillow is a cooling system. As you relax the head on this pillow lying on one side, the water will take all the extra heat away from you so that your whole night is cool and enjoyable. For those with neck and back pain, this cooling helps to keep pain away. This characteristic has made the pillow one of the best especially when sleeping outdoors in warm of hot environments.

All the materials used in this pillow are natural and do not have any side effects. While the cover is made of cotton, the inner part is filled with water. It does not contain any heavy metal, formaldehyde, or fire retardants that can arouse skin sensitivity. Whether your skin is extra sensitive or one is aging and need extra tenderness, the cotton cover comes in handy. In addition, the pillow does not make unnecessary noises like the Buckwheat designed models. You are therefore assured of uninterrupted sleep the entire night.

Talk of versatility and people who have used this pillow will attest to its uniqueness. Because you change the water, you are in control of the pressure levels you anticipate. If you are heavier and need extra pressure, put more water to have complete support for your head, neck, and shoulders. This versatility is important if you might need to adjust pressure for outdoor relaxation and a different one when indoors. In fact, this is a quality that you can never get with other pillows.

The outlook of this pillow is perhaps one of the best décor additions that you can think of for the bedroom. Because the cover is made of pure cotton with lovely embroidery, it will match perfectly well with your bright sheets or patterned decorations. Your king size or queen sized bed with unique artwork hanging on the wall will particularly make the bedroom rich and enthralling. Every side sleeper will be yearning to get back home in the evening and enjoy the thrill. 

Mediflow created this pillow with long term aspiration for both the company and users. The design and structure of this pillow demonstrates extra desire to create special link between the pillow, users, and manufacturers. For Mediflow, presence in your bedroom reminds the user of the special place they occupy in the company fraternity. With this in mind, the pillow comes with extra long warranty and trial session to ensure that nothing goes wrong. They want you to get total support, comfort, and complete satisfaction.


Ashley Roberts Sleep Systems Elegante and Ventilated Pillow

Ashley Roberts Sleep Systems Elegante  and Ventilated  Pillow

Side sleepers, unlike the stomach and back sleepers, require extra support extending from the shoulders and reaching all the way to the neck for firmer support. Because this distance is longer, the best pillow is the one that has extra firmness and larger to hold every section in position. This is where Ashley Roberts outdoes its competitors especially with the Sleep Systems Elegante Memory Foam Sculptured and Ventilated Pillow. The pillow has become a unique addition for most bedrooms for people who love side sleeping and those who extend their sleep in the morning or weekends.

The material selection for this pillow puts it in a class of its own. The memory foam is processed and filled inside the pillow to make it extra strong and articulate. This, plus an extra strong cover makes the pillow very strong to guarantee you longer lifespan after purchase. It is because of this that the company sells the pillow with a long warranty. Pick the piece for your bedroom or kids unit to be sure it will still be unchanged for many years to come.   

By taking a sculptured shape, the designer wanted to make sure that the chin, neck bones, and supporting ligaments are articulately anchored in position for better pain relief. Therefore, you will get a floatation sense that soothes the head and makes every night more enthralling. If you are suffering from back or neck pain, the pillow is a special remedy to help clear them fast. It is this unique anchorage ability that has made the pillow a top recommendation when people go seeking medical assistance from orthodontists.

Through enhanced ventilation, this pillow allows all the sweat to get cleared and fresh air to circulate the entire night. Your skin will therefore get extra coolness that is necessary for soothing you the whole night. If you want to use the pillow outdoors or on the couch, the extra coolness ensures that you have all the comfort and relaxation. For pregnant mothers, this pillow is an ideal piece to support their necks and the belly. Find the best position when sleeping on the side and anchor the belly using the pillow. Remember to shift from one side to the other if you find necessary for extra satisfaction.

Whether the pillow will be used in the hotel gest room or children bedroom, the user is sure of enjoying every night because the selected materials are free of harmful materials. It does not have fire retardants or heavy metals that are harmful to the skin or allergens that can cause itching. From old people to younger ones with extremely sensitive skin, this pillow is the ultimate piece. Remember to position it properly and also install firm mattress so that the entire body is more relaxed.   

Ashley Roberts were more interested in creating a unique piece that could deliver total satisfaction, extra traffic, more referral, and widen the community. Therefore, this pillow’s characteristics anticipated to help people with back pain and allow side sleepers to have a positive story to tell. When you pick it, take note of lessening back pain and neck pressure with time. Since you are supposed to take about 7 hours of sleep every day, the pillow is very important in redefining your posture. Remember that this will take time after using the pillow. Also, you should adjust other lifestyle ergonomics at work to maintain an upright posture of the spine, neck, and head.

On cleaning and maintenance, no pillow is as easy as this piece. The cover is easy to remove and also machine washable so that you can clear all the dirt within a short period of time. Since it does not hold unto sweat and does not attract dust, you will not need to clean it more often. However, if the pillow is used for outdoor purposes or your bedroom is prone to a lot of dust, the pillow cover might require regular cleaning. If you are thinking of buying a gift to a loved one or want to impact their lives positively, enhance their sleep and prevent possibilities of neck pain by sending them Ashley Roberts Sleep Systems Elegante Memory Foam Sculptured and Ventilated Pillow.


Dream Supreme Plus Gel Fiber-Filled Pillows, Standard

Dream Supreme Plus Gel Fiber-Filled Pillows, Standard

Dream Sleep has been in the market for a long time and made a name for their focus on top quality beddings. As one of the most sought after brands, their designs especially this pillow has become a preference for many side sleepers and people with neck pain. Notably, their continued study and collaboration with past users made this Dream Supreme Plus Gel Fiber-Filled Pillows, Standard become a must have in many bedrooms.

First, the height of the pillow is comfortable. As a standard size, you are sure of getting the head raised appropriately from the shoulders to the level of the spine. This allows the delicate neck bones take their natural position while the spine relaxes without any pressure. To enhance this ability, Dream Supreme sells them in doubles so that even people with broad shoulder can still find solace. No matter what you consider ideal support, be sure of getting it in this pillow.

Over the years, pillows have become part of human accompaniment that defines their ultimate health, productivity and life satisfaction. On top of being the right height, this pillow is designed with the right material to enhance softness to the skin and guarantee extra strength. Its outer cover is made of processed cotton that provides a soft and soothing feeling to the skin. The cotton cover is also very strong to help the pillow last longer. Well, when you combine the two pillows on the bed, be sure of getting extra strength and complete support for your body.

The decision to use Gel Fiber to fill the pillow was informed by the need to enhance the user’s experience. Though gel fiber might not take as many years as other materials such as foam and wheat grains, the support is firmer and more enjoyable. A side sleeper will only depress the pillow to point that the head, neck and upper part of the shoulders take their places in a natural manner. In fact, the gel acts like a fluid so that the neck gets support from all the sides. For pregnant mothers, this is an irresistible piece because one unit can support the head while the other is fitted under the belly to get the comfortable position of the baby.

The top cover is removable to ease your cleaning work. Though the bedroom does not have a lot of dust or dirt, the cover is resistant and will not get dirty easily. If you sleep outdoors or love using the pillow on the couch, the cover might get dirty faster. However, cleaning is also easy and fast. Simply remove the cover, machine wash it and dry completely to continue enjoying its lovely support. Because the seams and stitches are very strong, the pillow will not get damaged if there need to clean it as many times as possible especially if used in the children’s rooms.

This piece is designed to bring sense of unique style to your room. Whether you have a standard or queen size bed, this pillow will fit perfectly well and give it an ideal outlook. If the beddings are and the bedroom is generally bright, this pillow will make the entire room more appealing. For others who love dull things, the pillow helps to redefine the centre of interest so that you can fall asleep as fast as you get into the bedroom. Remember to make the bedroom a sleeping chamber alone and not for extending other activities such as watching television and playing computer games.

Dream Supreme wanted to give clients a unique piece that could make them associate with the company and get closer to it as much as possible. From design, material selection, and long term focus, the company did not leave anything to chance in making the pillow a masterpiece. Besides, they sell the pillow in sets so that people who sleep with their partners can enjoy every night. Also, the pillow is sold affordably to ensure that everybody will afford it and get all the pain relief they are seeking. When all of these are capped with a one year warranty, clients are sure of enjoying very high value for money. Make sure to pick a couple of sets for every bedroom or guest room to enjoy unrivalled comfort and support.


Sleep Better Iso-Cool

Sleep Better Iso-Cool

The search for a perfect pillow to many side sleepers has made them settle for this piece. Sleep Better made this piece with recommendation from its expert after a long period of testing. The pillow is designed to provide an enthralling support throughout the night without losing either its density or appeal. When you try this piece, you can never keep it away because of extra satisfaction.

The material selection for this pillow was targeted delivering extra strength, total support, and sense of class. Because the outer cover is made from pure cotton, it guarantees the buyer of extra strength and support. This coupled with double stitches guarantees you the pillow will withstand pressure from the filled foam on the inside and external force from the sleeper. Notably, the double lines create a unique sense of style by adding a sense of completeness and style. This has made it a perfect addition for people who want to make their bedrooms more appealing, sexy, and enthralling every day.

When a side sleeper relaxes lie on this pillow, the cover provides a soothing feeling that makes it easy to fall asleep. This soothing ability is enhanced by the selection and processing of the materials used in it. The cotton cover and memory foam are free of allergenic materials, fire retardants, and heavy metals that are dangerous to the skin. The pillow is also free from formaldehyde and other dangerous materials that cause itching at night or accelerate its damage. Even if you want to sleep on the pillow for longer, you will enjoy every minute of it.

Because human skin is made with unique breathing capability, Sleep Better went to great length to enhance the pillows breathability. They fix an iso-cool feature in every pillow to facilitate extra ventilation. Therefore, this allows air to move comfortably through and reach the skin to clear away perspiration and guarantee you of total comfort. Its breathability has also been associated with ability to prevent development of odours and damage. If you love sleeping outdoors or need to take a lot of time relaxing on the couch, the pillow allows enough air to pass though for complete thrill.

When Sleep Better release this pillow to the market, they guarantee clients of total support and extra pain relief. The pillow is filled with high density memory foam that will not lose its strength even after a long period of use. For side sleepers, height of the pillow is very crucial to cover the distance between shoulder and neck. The pillow is also large enough and your neck and head will get the natural resting position for extra comfort and pain relief. Reports from past users indicate this pillow’s firmness as one of the best in all the pillows. However, back and stomach sleepers might find the pillow’s extra firmness not so appealing because it can make them bend a little.

One thing that Sleep Better scored more and every side sleeper, people with back pin, and décor professionals appreciate is the focus on customer satisfaction. This is achieved in several ways. First, the pillow is designed with superior quality materials so that people with back pain, neck pain, and side sleeper can get the anticipated sense of value. Besides, they allow you to pre-test the pillow and establish whether it has all the features that you anticipate such as comfort, breathability, and support. If you are unsatisfied, you are free to return the pillow within the trial period. Even after this trial session, the company still covers it with a long warranty to ensure that every night is a thrill and unforgettable.

This pillow is offered at a very competitive price to ensure that every person can afford it and enjoy lovely nights and clear neck pains. Since the pillow is easy to maintain, materials extra strong and articulately focused on delivering unrivalled value for money. This is the greatest addition you can ever think of for your bedroom to raise the value for entire house. If the pillow is sent as a gift to close friends, you are sure of being remembered for many years to come. No matter what your need for pillow is;Sleep Better Iso-Cool Memory Foam Pillow will never disappoint.


Down alternative Right Choice Bedding's pillow

Down alternative Right Choice Bedding's pillow

Down-alternative Right Choice Bedding’s pillow is a special piece that is designed to deliver utmost comfort and value for money. The pillow is a culmination of long period of research, creativity and commitment to customer value at all times. From its design to materials selection, the pillow was designed to redefine the bedroom experience for side sleepers. Continue reading to understand the unique qualities of this pillow that will help you clear neck pain.

Today, this pillow is top rated by both medical professionals and users. Through continuous testing, medical experts recommend the pillow because it has solid support that guarantees the shoulders and neck complete support. To demonstrate this extra capability, medical professionals tell people to self-treat themselves with this pillow hen they experience neck pains. Besides, it is also used as a preventive remedy for people who do not have any back pain to keep off from the issue. No matter what your support needs is; this pillow should no doubt be your companion in the bedroom at all times.

Unlike the foam or feather filled pillows, this model features microfibers fill that guarantees every client extra support. The microfibers fill are independent inside the pillow so that they easily take the shape of the head and neck for total support. From the head all down to the shoulders, the fibres allow independent parts of the neck bones, spine and jointed parts to get optimal anchorage for a cool and enjoyable night. For side sleepers, this is a critical consideration because it makes it easy to keep shoulders and head raised to the right posture for extra freedom.

The pillow is extra soft and firm to the skin. The cover is soft, cool, and soothing to the user’s skin in order to keep every night enjoyable. A human skin is very sensitive and will make you uncomfortable if the material is rough and itchy. Therefore, their research helped to clear all the roughness and enhance the smooth properties of the cover. Whether the entire day was very tiresome, or you have some neck pain starting to develop, this is the best pillow for you.

As a styling addition to the bedroom, nothing does better than this pillow; the piece has bright colours and is large enough to fit in your king or queen size bed for extra décor. If you want to bring new sense of style to the bedroom, this piece introduces a complete feel of class without compromising its support and comfort. If you are a couple, this pillow will give complete support to both of you and guarantee extra thrill the entire night. For people who love to take extra time on the couch or changing their sleeping positions, this pillow will be a perfect piece for them. 

One outstanding characteristic of this pillow is that it is free from harmful chemical and additives. This is important in making the pillow more soothing and harmless to the skin even if used for a long period of time. The materials are processed to clear all the heavy metals, ire retardants, and other harmful elements like the phthalates. Whether you are using the pillow for little children’s rooms, elderly, or recovering people with very sensitive bodies, you are sure they will enjoy their sleep every day. 

Because the outer cover of this pillow is made from cotton, breathability is greatly enhanced. The microfibers give adequate space for air to pass through so that the head and neck skin cells arte well aerated. This makes the pillow extra cool and guarantees every user of special sleep every night. Besides, this breathability clears all the perspiration so that the pillow does not develop bad odours over time.

In addition to putting all the efforts in selecting the right materials and using the right technology to enhance coolness, the designer goes a step further to enhance its affordability and longevity. The pillow is sold competitively so that parents, new lovers, and hoteliers can afford. Besides, the pillow come with a long warranty that the manufacturer intends to use in keeping clients attached to its products. Therefore, pick the pillow and make sure to give your feedback about its effectiveness in clearing neck pain and providing extra support. 


Now that we have ascertained that sleep is a basic need, one that is vital for our survival, let us take it a little step further. To get the most out of your sleeping time, you need to be comfortable while in your bed. For this you will need a comfortable mattress, one that is not too hard neither too soft, take up a good sleeping position and have a pillow to increase your level of comfort. The above factors will contribute to the quality of sleep that you will get, and are potential broad writing topics on their own. However, in this article, we will zero in on the pillows, to be specific, the side sleepers. It is said that side sleepers are the major contributors to the sleeping position you take up. This is to mean that they affect your sleep quality more that you dare to admit. Speaking of sleeping positions, they are of 3 variations but sleeping on the side is the most common position.

The above factors will contribute to the quality of sleep that you will get, and are potential broad writing topics on their own. However, in this article, we will zero in on the pillows, to be specific, the side sleepers. It is said that side sleepers are the major contributors to the sleeping position you take up. This is to mean that they affect your sleep quality more that you dare to admit. Speaking of sleeping positions, they are of 3 variations but sleeping on the side is the most common position.

Sleeping with your side with your arms resting downwards is a great position that promotes the natural curve of the spine which can be very comfortable. However, just like everything else, this position has an upside and a downside. And if you make it a habit to sleep on your side, the down-side of this position will be more affecting your sleep quality negatively. To begin with, sleeping in this position often will accelerate your aging due to gravity, the skin will sag sideways and unsightly wrinkles will develop. This posture also affects the circulation of blood to the shoulders and the arms and can lead to health problems in the future.

Moving on, it is clear that to have a comfortable night’ sleep you will need to have a pillow by your side as they are one of the components that will complete the comfort link in your bed. Given the importance of the pillows, you can understand why it is paramount that you acquire the basic knowledge and information of the best pillow type to choice and that will be best for you. Do not underestimate this choice as it can make or break your sleep quality.

You probably are wondering why you cannot pick out a random sleeper pillow and be done with it. Well, with side sleepers, there is no such thing as a one size fits all. To get the best that will suit your sleeping habits, you will have to learn the art of knowing and picking the right pillow for your side sleeper


If you are one of the many people who sleep on their side and have the wrong type of pillow, then it is high time that you rethink your pillow options. Many people wake up having crimps on certain places on their bodies. They then quickly blame it on their sleeping position while in the actual sense it is the pillow that they use.

A large portion of the world’s population can be classified as side sleepers. This is probably the reason why there are many side pillows designed to try and suit their needs. When you are sleeping, it is of paramount importance that you adjust your sleeping position to ensure the even distribution of your weight to prevent the unnatural bending of your body. You might not think of this but the space that is between your shoulders and your ears is very important, especially for you those who sleep on their side. This is the space that the pillow is meant to take up. The spin needs to remain straight, a position that you can only achieve using a firm pillow.

Not using the best sleeper put you at risk of experiencing pain as the shoulder, neck and head are not properly aligned and positioned. Waking up to numbness and a feeling of pain is never a good sign and you should invest in the right pillow type that will suit your sleeping style best.

Choosing the Best Pillow Type

Now that you have the background information, the question is, how should you choose the best and the right pillow for you? Is it all about comfort and firmness or does the price also matter? These are valid questions that you should seek out answers to if you are to have a good night sleep.

Now, you just cannot pick out the fluffiest and the most expensive pillow in the market just because you are looking for comfort. There are very many stores, physical and online that claim to provide the best products in the market while in actual sense they are not. You need to authenticate these claims before you can make your final decision.

The first step to confirming the claims is requesting the website owner for the specifications and features of the product, if they do not have them listed already. You can also read through the reviews that the previous clients who have purchased the products to get an idea of the quality of the product and how well it serve them and will serve you in the event you purchase it.

There are many pillow types from many different brands. This therefore calls for you to do some bit of research reading through reviews of the best pillows. Many sites online are dedicated to this, listing down the advantages and disadvantages of different pillows. These reviews will surely point you in the right direction.

Search for the Right Material

Reviewing some of the top pillow types, you probably noticed that they were not all made with the same materials. Pillows are not universal and as such vary in features and have significant differences. Before you make a purchase, always consider the material used to fill up the pillow a well as you sleeping position. There are those that are extra firm and heavy and others that are durable and very flexible such as the memory foam pillows. The feather filled pillows are the softest and provide the most comfort than all the other types.

Also, try and analyze the number of times that you toss and turn in bed while you are asleep. If you tend to toss around a lot, then a feathered pillow would be best for you as its content will move around as you do. If you are a light sleeper, then choosing a pillow that makes a lot of noise when you turn and toss would be very unfair to yourself. All in all, the perfect side sleeper has to be firm yet comfortable. Consider the above factors before you make a purchase.


All in all, sleep is an important part of our live, one that we cannot ignore. It helps us recuperate and gives us a massive boost to face the challenges of a new day. And to get the best sleep, you need to get a side sleeper. And not just any, but the best if you are to have quality sleep. Before you make a purchase, try it and see if it suits you.